Automotive transparent optical plastic parts - development status

    Car optical or part of the original application, including: automotive interior lighting, the external functional lighting, exterior lighting, car windows, and some ticket strippings places of transparent and translucent applications including dial or sense of decorative glass lighting pieces.

    In Japan, the rate of adoption of LED interior lighting applications is the fastest, arose spontaneously when the officer into the car, colorful sense of technology, science fiction, from the dashboard, VIP guidelines system,china shopping basket multi-faceted interior auxiliary lighting LED reading light , every detail in efforts to cater to the sensory needs of people in the West now, this technology is also designers used in the extreme, such as the application of the full sense of science and technology in both the interior and exterior of the concept car BMW Vision light guide Trim Systems.



Author: Jiashan Huazhilian Commercial Use Equipment Plastic Factory

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