China's high-tech insulation materials market has great potential

 "The building materials industry as paint, plastic profile, flame retardants, thermal insulation material, waterproof materials and a series of important areas of application of chemical products, new chemical materials led to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection will be popular. "recently, within the chemical industry, chemical industry must conform to this trend is the development of green building materials industry support, while expanding new building materials demand, greater room for the new field.

    It is understood that, at present, the Ministry of Industry china data strip and Information Technology has made it clear the building materials industry, "the 12th Five-Year Plan", the general idea of the building materials industry will focus on promoting the deep-processing products, new building materials for the positive development of energy saving and environmental protection, support enterprises to focus on quality, variety, technological transformation and upgrading. Raw Materials Division of the Ministry of Industry and the relevant responsible person said, the significant transition for the development of China's building materials industry has come, embodied in: the shift from traditional industries to the development of new industries, the transition from dispersed development to focus on development, manufactured from materials to products manufacturing changes in the mode of production from high-carbon to low carbon transformation of the mode of production, from low-end manufacturing to high-end manufacturing changes.

    Enhance the level of the manufacturing industry, chemical raw materials, ancillary put forward higher requirements.ticket stripping Manufacturer In the construction sector, energy-saving, environmental protection, economic, durable polyurethane rigid foam, coatings, flame retardants, etc. will be more applications. Flame retardants for example, global flame retardant market is about $ 4.1 billion, is currently in the stage of steady growth, the annual growth rate in the future is expected to more than 20 percent, and improve performance, more environmentally friendly organic phosphorus resistance flame retardants are being gradually replaced the larger brominated flame retardants on the environment and human hazards.



Author: Jiashan Huazhilian Commercial Use Equipment Plastic Factory

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