Plastics market hopes the terminal needs to start

Plastics prices in the same period a high the Futures Daily reporter recently learned from the market, the support plastic price factor has been a china flip scan significant change. An industry source said plastic short-term, has spent the winter period, but in the long run, the price may still return to the bottom and hovering at a low level.

In December, the domestic commodity futures market is a pop up market the plastic prices particularly conspicuous. The market believes that this is mainly by the ticket stripping supplier Daqing Petrochemical device explosion and Fushun Petrochemical speculation due to the failure Parking 800,000 new capacity factors. "Sudden stop of the supply device has a great impact on the supply side, leading to the the petrochemical factory price and traders spot price continue to rise." The Zhongyuan futures analyst before Yali said.



Author: Jiashan Huazhilian Commercial Use Equipment Plastic Factory

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